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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Philosophy of the Misanthrope /Durance of Hate (First Draft)

“The sun was enveloped in Hades. A strange manner of darkness enveloped the globe and the screams and cries of wounded people filled my ears. Just when all hope was lost, a solitary flicker of light shone in the darkness as grim salvation. As the death throes of mankind acquired a feverish crescendo, I merely laughed and blew it out and thus the night was finally silent”

We are liars, liars all of us! We deceive ourselves in believing that humanity is the most noble of all species. Foolishly do we cling to our apocryphal morals and values believing that it differentiates us from those detestable pitiful dumb brutes….. However nothing could be further from the truth.

Mankind is but the most deplorable of all species. We defile the very planet that led to our inception and wantonly murder animals purely for ‘sport’. This has led to the led to the interminable extinction of various species. Human beings are thus like a cancer and in the manner of a scourge we destroy everything that we come across. For that matter we even murder our very own and throughout history countless acts of war or genocide can be cited.

Civilization is but a ruse that fails to depict the fact that the human race is the most vicious, bloodthirsty and efficient killer that evolution has ever spawned. Bias being inherent to the human persona. The civilized man is a charlatan who condemns social delinquents. However he/she fails to realize that these are but a reflection and a side of human nature that one would never wish to come out. Push a man too far, no matter how civilized and it shall reveal itself for what he/she truly is. ‘Nature’ in fact begets the need for self preservation and given the opportunity human beings would acquiesce to devouring their own so as to survive.

For although outwardly we might appear to be perfectly reasonable creatures full of keen thought and trenchant emotion that is apparently free from instinct, yet we see fleeting glimpses of our primordial nature. We see this in the eyes of an unruly mob or the blood hazed eyes of a soldier caught in the heat of battle. Eventually as the effect of religion and moralistic propaganda shall wear off, society shall relegate itself to a state of dystopia thus leading to the eventual fall of man.


  1. truly reflected. but do you think this personally for yourself too? for each one of us make the whole

  2. To a certain degree I do...and I despise myself too.