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Monday, November 15, 2010

Batsh*T Insane

“Look at you, hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine?" - Shodan (System Shock 2)

So says Shodan , in a chillingly seductive voice that sends shivers up the player’s spine as your fingers quiver and you amble feverishly through the nightmare filled corridors of dread, only to realize the absolute futility of your quest.This is only the beginning of your descent into the stark depths of screaming insanity...and love.

Pictured below:Love

Some more love


Now...gaze into the face of madness:

For a ruthless A..I who fancies herself to be a goddess, Shodan, is perhaps the most memorable and best conceived of fictional antagonists. System Shock 2 only serves to accentuate the legendary status of looking glass studios .LSG was the auteur of such fantastically atmospheric works such as thief 1 & 2,Terra Nova and Ultima Underworld.

Ah, if only Shodan wasn’t such a bitch.

Consisting of a creepy ambivalent atmosphere,dimly lit corridors, believable A.I, as well as fantastic design that oozed style, system shock 2 was a game that had it all. Such was the trenchant pathos of realizing humanity’s fate, that this game left a lasting impression upon all those who played it .Not only was it unique but it was way ahead of its time and even by today's standards it's extremely playable. Strongly recommended for those who love video games(After all bitches make for awesome video game characters).

While you stay distracted, I must get back to kidnapping Megan Fox in a cleaning van,whilst dressed in a nurse's outfit.

F&%*K Y*&( Brian Austin Greene!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bigotry and Prejudice

Since the inception of civilization, there have been certain allusions that the human race willingly ascribes to with a fanatical fervor. Such is the nature of the bigot’s devotion to its ideals that no rhyme and reason would appeal to it. Strange indeed is a creature that is the bigot, for it has remained unchanged despite eons of evolution.

For although evolution may have succeeded in changing the genetic makeup of the human race but has evidently failed to extricate certain ideals and notions that are deeply embedded in its psyche. Thus bias and prejudice are perennial companions of the human persona and individuals are afflicted in varying degrees.

Throughout early and modern history events can be cited wherein this affliction has been widespread. It is nothing but prejudice that has fanned the charnel flames of war and piqued the blood-lust of the angry mob. Foul is the nature of this pestilence and too hideous have been its consequences!

History is a poignant reminder of the savagery that we are entirely capable of. It is remarkable as to why we are still ignorant of this growing scourge. Perhaps it is merely a reflection of the true nature of human kind.

It confounds me a great deal to see such belligerent jingoism on the part of my countrymen, when it comes to racial attacks on Indians abroad. However a hushed silence permeates the country whilst contemporary India blatantly approves of an atrocious caste based census. (The caste system is an institutionalized form of discrimination which India so willingly espouses- horrendous!)

I understand that it may well be pretentious of me to judge an all too partisan world based on sanctimonious virtues alone or the misplaced ideals of justice. Often one is judged merely for one's outer appearance and it is the look of absolutely incriminating disgust in people’s eyes that has made me shun the world today. It is exceedingly difficult to convince people of your attributes whence you are looked upon as a sort of abomination …. Nevertheless it’s far too early too give up and I shall thrust myself into whatever little life has to offer and find a way to break my curse.